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Sevcon Steuerung Millipak HP 48V 300A

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  • Very compact design
  • Silent operation
  • Torque/speed control
  • Regenerative braking
  • Integrated logic unit
  • Calibrator interface
  • FLASH memory
  • IP66 protection
  • Soft start pump option

Mehr Infos

The Millipak?4Q controller operates in full 4-quadrant mode allowing contactor-free operation in direction changing and regenerative braking. It operates in either torque or closed loop speed control mode.

The Millipak?4Q permits adjustable regenerative braking without the use of additional electronic circuitry and contactors.

General Specifications
  Battery voltage
48 VDC
  Max. power output 4 kW  
  Peak current (1 min) 300 A (1 minute rating)
  Soft start 100 A (option)
  Operating temperature -30 to + 40sC (ref. SAE J1211)
  Storage temperature -40 to + 70sC (ref. SAE J1211)
  Ingress of dust
  and water
  Humidity 95% (at 60sC)
  Vibration 6 G (NAVMAT P9492 random vibration
test profile)
  Switching frequency 16 kHz


Ultra Compact Design
The Millipak? product line is an ultra compact series of controllers providing an unrivalled power to dimension ratio which optimizes the power/size/cost relationship.
Small pallet trucks, sweepers, scissor lifts, golf carts, marine and other electric vehicles fitted with Permanent Magnet DC motors.
Enhanced Thermal Design
Using advanced mechanical package design and thermally conductive materials the Millipak controllers provide high power in a very small foot print.
FLASH Memory for Flexibility
Application programs are stored in FLASH memory allowing reprogramming in place for increased flexibility.
Rugged Endurance
Sealed-for-life design combined with rigorous testing ensures that Millipak? controllers deliver unparalleled reliability.
Inputs and Outputs
Various configurations for analog and digital  inputs and outputs are standard with functionality for a wide range of applications.
Configuration and
Service Tools
The Sevcon PCpak? configuration system or a hand-held Calibrator can be used to adjust parameters and reprogramming of the controllers