ME3501 - 4,8 kW Brushless Motor

ME3501 - 4,8 kW Brushless Motor

688,00 CHF

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made in China

High efficient permanent magnet brushless DC motor. Designed for long life. No brush maintenance. The motor has peak efficiency of 90 % at voltages between 24 - 48 VDC continuous current of 100 amps at 48 VDC. This is a 3-phase, Y-connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with an axial air gap.

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Continuous Power (kW):4,8
Peak Power (kW):14,4
Rated Continuous Current (A):100
Peak Current for 1 min (A):300
Voltage Controller max (V):48
Peak Stall Torque (Nm):22,5
Rated Torque (Nm):5,7
Efficiency (%):90
Turns per Phase12
Resistance L-L (ohm):0,0048
Inductance @ 1kHz (mH):0,03
Inductance @ 120 Hz (mH):0,038
Voltage Constant (V/RPM):0,0079
Torque Constant (Nm/A):0,0752
RMP max (1/min):5000
Weight (kg):10
Temperature Sensor:No
Encoder Type:Hall