Sevcon Gen4 - Brushless AC Controller

575,00 CHF

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Following models are available:

Gen4 Size 2, 24V

Gen4 Size 2, 48V

Gen4 Size 2, 80V

Gen4 Size 4, 24V

Gen4 Size 4, 48V

Gen4 Size 4, 80V

Gen4 Size 6, 24V

Gen4 Size 6, 48V

Gen4 Size 6, 80V

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The Gen4-series represent the absolute latest design concept for compact and reliable AC Controllers. They feature the smallest footprint in the industry for their power capability. The high efficiency of these controller makes it possible to integrate them into very tight spaces without sacrificing performance. The design has been optimized for the lowest possible cost while maintaining superior reliability in the most demanding applications.


  • Autocheck system diagnostic
  • Integrated Logic Circuit
  • Hardware & software failsafe watchdog operation
  • Supports both PMAC motor and AC induction motor control
  • Sensorless control for select applications
  • Integrated fuse holder
  • IP66 Protection



  • Advanced flux vector control for minimal power consumption
  • Integrated fuse holder for simplified vehicle wiring
  • Compact size
  • Regenerative braking allowing reduced battery power consumption
  • Proven reliability
  • Extremely competitive