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High efficiency (about 93% maximum) gives longer running time and less frequent battery replacement for electric vehicles, boats, water pumps and equipment. Can also operate as a generator particularly suitable for electric-arc welding. It can form part of an easily portable welding outfit capable of welding heavy-gauge steel. Weight about 11Kg. Applications requiring less power can use lower voltages, giving even lower speeds which in most applications will allow the transmission to be cheaper and more efficient. Normally the motors should be controlled with an electronic speed controller of the type using MOSFETs with a switching frequency of 15 KHz or higher. In some boats and stationary applications where the motor normally runs at full speed most of the time it may instead be controlled with resistors to limit the current on starting; the resistors can be by-passed once the equipment is running. On 24 volts or less where the load has little inertia (for example a hydraulic pump) the motor can be started by direct connection to the supply. With some electronic controllers regenerative braking is possible, giving increased range and longer brake life in vehicles used in stop-start traffic or on hilly roads. Controllers are available from a number of manufacturers; we can advise on the most suitable for your application.